At ERS we provide a full spectrum of services including, but not limited to, machinery reconditioning and repair, installation and removal of all types of balers, conveyors, compactors and shredders. We also offer electronic troubleshooting for both PLC and relay logic based equipment and structural welding.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Our service technicians are trained and experienced in hydraulic trouble shooting and repairs. We can repair both hydraulic hose and iron pipe leaks as well as trouble shoot and repair bad pumps, bad valves, and other hydraulic components. We also repair and rebuild hydraulic cylinders.

Installation, Removal, Rigging and Relocation Services

ERS has installed multiple pieces of machinery from vertical balers to single stream units. We offer custom rigging services and retrofit installations. Our vehicle fleet is extensive to accommodate customer needs.

Electrical Services

ERS diagnoses and repairs both PLC programming and Relay Logic equipment. We have highly trained staff to ensure timely repairs.

Welding Services

ERS offers onsite and offsite welding services. We specialize but are not limited to stick and mig welding services and weld a variety of metals. ERS also offers structural welding services.

Preventative Maintenance

ERS offers a variety of preventative maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs. Call us for details.